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Unions defiant, insist no mediation attempts were made

Oil workers participate in the strike for the third straight day
Oil workers participate in the strike for the third straight day

KUWAIT: Oil workers’ unions continued their strike yesterday for the third straight day, with no signs indicating that an agreement with the government could be in the horizon. Responding to a question whether there were any mediation attempts with the government to call the oil workers’ strike off, chairman of the oil sector employees’ union Saif Al-Qahtani stressed that the protesters are keener than anybody to end the strike, but denied that such efforts were made. “The oil union and syndicates’ demands are to protect workers’ rights and gains without any new ones for the time being,” he stressed, pointing out that they are proud that they have gone on strike to protect their rights rather than demand new or more ones. In the meantime, MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji visited the workers yesterday to show support for their demands.

Jet fuel
Meanwhile, Kuwait Airways Chairperson and Managing Director Rasha Al-Roumi stressed that available aviation fuel was enough for 30 days and that KAC was constantly coordinating with ALAFCO, the company responsible for providing Kuwait international airport with aviation fuel. “Things are going excellently despite the strike,” she underlined, denying that any flights had been affected.

KFSD budget
The parliament’s budgets and final statement committee yesterday met to discuss Kuwait Fire Service Directorate’s (KFSD) 2016-2017 budget, said committee chairman MP Adnan Abdulsamad, noting that the committee highly commended the role played by firefighters and the hardships they go through to save lives and property. “Remarks about the budget do not undermine those efforts,” he stressed, noting that such remarks were only meant to achieve administrative and financial reform. Abdulsamad added that remarks that had been made earlier by the Audit Bureau were not heeded and that KFSD had not carried out any of the recommendations made by the committee either.

Copyrights bill
Chairman of the parliament’s educational affairs committee Oudah Al-Ruwaei announced that the committee had finished discussing the copyrights bill and accordingly reported to the parliament so that it could be discussed in the coming session. “This law will boost Kuwait’s status amongst various countries in terms of copyright,” he underlined. Ruwaei added that the law would handle reports that have been criticizing Kuwait in this regard and stressed that by passing it, the parliament will have improved Kuwait’s image worldwide.

Sports suspension
The parliament’s youth and sports committee yesterday convened to resume investigating suspending Kuwait’s international sport activities, said committee chairman MP Abdullah Maayouf, noting that the committee has prepared for the meeting due to be held to discuss public, parliamentary and sports movements. He added that the committee also reviewed responses to earlier inquiries made to sports federations that had contributed to this suspension.

Students election
MP Saud Al-Huraiji urged Education Minister Badr Al-Essa to order an immediate investigation over accusations of forging the elections of the Kuwait Students Union in Egypt, where two competing groups fought and destroyed ballot boxes.

The Municipal Council’s technical committee recommended allowing municipality inspectors to inspect the canteens of public and private schools to make sure the food sold there is safe.

By A Saleh

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