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UK launches e-visa system for Kuwaitis

KUWAIT: The UK embassy in Kuwait has announced a new electronic visa waiver (EVW) system for Kuwaiti passport holders to travel to the UK for business and tourism. The EVW will allow Kuwaiti passport holders to travel to the UK for a visit of up to six months by filling in an online form at least 48 hours before they travel to the UK, the British Embassy in Kuwait said in a press release yesterday.

The scheme removes the need to give biometrics, attend a visa application center or hand in passports in advance of travel. Passengers will be asked to upload a copy of their passport’s biographic data page so that details can be checked for accuracy and security purposes prior to travel. To cover the costs of the new system, a fee of 15 (around KD 7) will be introduced early next year, it said.

UK Ambassador to Kuwait Mathew Lodge said the new visa system is a sign of deep and permanent relations between the UK and Kuwait, according to the press release. He added that in light of the historic ties between both countries, the UK is committed to introducing an electronic visa waiver system to facilitate the travel of Kuwaiti nationals to the UK. The ambassador hoped that when the scheme is rolled out early next year, many Kuwaitis would seize the opportunity to visit the UK, the press release noted.

“I am incredibly pleased to announce that the electronic visa waiver system has today been fully implemented in Kuwait. I hope this will mean an increase in the numbers of Kuwaitis visiting the UK and thereby further strengthening the people to people links between our two countries,” said Tobias Ellwood, Minister for Middle East and North Africa.

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