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Uber inquires about entering Kuwaiti market

KUWAIT: Uber has written to several Kuwait authorities informing them of its wish to enter Kuwait – separate from its subsidiary Careem, which is operating in Kuwait with a roaming taxi license, reported Al-Qabas daily. Sources said Uber is conducting economic feasibility studies and studying commercial and transport regulations in the Kuwait market, as well as the process of getting licenses and permissions necessary to operate without legal obstacles to transport passengers.

The sources said Uber’s path will not be rosy if it decides to enter the market, because of legal obstacles related to getting commercial licenses for its activities, especially when it comes to interior ministry approvals, which has banned the majority of transport-related commercial licenses. Meanwhile, the sources urged government authorities to be aware of the importance of foreign investment in Kuwait and pay attention to major foreign companies that wish to operate in Kuwait such as Uber, which will add value to the local market. – Al-Qabas

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