Two Romanian Prostitutes arrested in Mahboulah

KUWAIT: A security source said residency affairs detectives were monitoring videos on social media showing two Romanian prostitutes making offers to meet anyone in any country. The two later arrived in Kuwait after a busy week in another Gulf country. An undercover source was asked after thorough investigations to make a deal with them, and they agreed to receive KD 200 each per hour. Detectives then raided a flat in Mahboula and arrested them. The two admitted servicing clients for the same fee for three days, and were transferring the money immediately. The suspects were sent to the deportation center. Their clients’ phone numbers were also noted in case the two have any infectious diseases.

Work mishap
A gas cylinder explosion killed a Pakistani air conditioning technician in a shop in Fahaheel industrial area. His body was recovered by the coroner. Investigations are underway.

Bag missing
An Egyptian mandoub (company representative) told Khaitan police a bag containing five passports and KD 800 was stolen from his car. Detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai

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