Two expats arrested in restricted military area

KUWAIT: A Lebanese and a Yemeni were recently arrested when they drove their vehicle into a military maneuver area on a hunting expedition. Their vehicle broke down there, said security sources. Case papers indicate that MOE received a call of distress from two people whose vehicle broke down to the north of the country while they were on a hunting expedition. A police chopper and various land patrols had to be dispatched to look for the two men who were stranded in a restricted military area. They were referred to state security for further investigations.

Citizen arrested A citizen was arrested with possession of seven packets of drugs, said security sources. The suspect, who was drugged when arrested, tried to resist arrest but was overpowered by policemen.

Indian carjacked An Indian recently reported that two unidentified people had stopped him pretending to be police detectives in Fintas. They assaulted him and stole the vehicle he drove, which belongs to a company he worked for. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Arrested for violation A Bangladeshi was recently arrested in Rabiya for stealing the contents of parked vehicles, said security sources noting that a routine patrol had spotted the suspect while trying to open a vehicle. On stopping him, the man was found in violation of residency laws and that he used to work for a cleaning company. A case was filed and the suspect was referred to relevant authorities.

Security guard assaulted A Rumaithiya School security guard recently reported that his compatriot assaulted him over some unsettled old scores, said security sources.

Arrested with drugs An Indian was recently arrested with the possession of a kilo of heroin on arrival at Kuwait airport, said security sources. Airport custom inspectors also arrested an Egyptian arriving with possession of hashish hidden in his luggage.

Citizen robbed A female citizen reported that an unidentified robber had broken open her vehicle’s window and stolen her purse, two mobile phones and some personal effects. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

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