No injuries in workers' residence fire

First responders inspect the damaged bus following the accident

KUWAIT: Two people were killed and seven injured in an accident that took place between a bus carrying workers and a truck on Mutlaa Road early yesterday morning. Jahra fire station responded and freed the injured workers from the bus, while the bodies of those who succumbed to their injuries were taken to the coroner. A case was filed for investigations to reveal the circumstances behind the accident.

In another case, Doha port and Sulaibkhat fire stations responded to a call about a fire in a company workers' residence near Doha Port. The building was evacuated before the blaze was extinguished, and no injuries were reported. An investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the fire.

Intruder caught

Ahmadi police authorities are looking for two persons who broke into a female citizen's chalet located in south of the country and had a good time until the owner arrived. The intruders then escaped from a window. The chalet's owner told Nuwaiseeb police she wanted to spend the weekend at her chalet, but was surprised and terrified by the two gatecrashers inside. She said nothing was stolen. Charges of damage and unauthorized entry await the suspects.


A fight broke out between two women after one of them called the other "old" following a traffic dispute. An argument ensued between the two and things got heated, while motorists prevented a fight. Both women were taken to the police station, where charges were dropped as apologies were made.

Environmental law violation

A sewage truck's driver was arrested for dumping his truck's load in the desert, which is a violation to the environmental law. He is facing deportation, while his company faces punishment. A motorist filmed the offence in Mina Abdullah desert and handed the clip to police, who were able to identify the driver, an Indian, who confessed to committing the crime.

Property damage

Hawally prosecution ordered the arrest of a person who damaged a female citizen's car of by deliberately colliding with her car after she refused his advances. The citizen, in her thirties, told Nugra police a man she does not know followed her and stopped next to her at every traffic light in an attempt to speak to her, but she ignored him. He then rammed her car before escaping.

Domestic violence

A female citizen in her forties told Ali Sabah Al-Salem police that her estranged husband broke into her house and beat her before escaping. She submitted a medical report to back her claims.

Immoral acts

A Syrian woman told Sabah Al-Salem police that a man urged her to commit immoral acts by sending her WhatsApp messages.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies