Two acquitted of DAESH links

KUWAIT:  The Court of Appeal yesterday acquitted an Egyptian and a Jordanian of charges of being affiliated with Daesh (the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria). The men were also acquitted of being involved in a plot to overthrow the leadership of Kuwait and of circulating publications in various mosques urging people to join Daesh. Last weekend Kuwaiti authorities arrested an Egyptian man who attacked US soldiers in Kuwait.

The man rammed an explosives-laden garbage truck into a vehicle carrying 5 US soldiers. Only the Egyptian man was injured and the soldiers pulled him from the truck in a bid to save his life. The man, 28 year old Ibrahim Sulaiman, later admitted while in hospital that he had pledged alliance to the Islamic State. In June 2015, an Islamic State suicide bomber blew himself up at a mosque in Kuwait City, killing 27 people and wounding dozens.

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