KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality Director General Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said urgent measures were taken against three Asian workers after a video clip showing them slaughtering a horse went viral. The three were arrested and sent for deportation. The farm owner was sent to court for having unlicensed practice and carrying out slaughter on the farm. Manfouhi said there is no act in regards to banning the slaughter of horses. Since then, another video went viral on social media showing a person who claimed that he obtained permission from the horse's owner to take the animal, which appeared to be injured, then slaughter it in order to feed its meat to a number of dogs he owns. The man said that he tried to take the horse to licensed slaughterhouses, but was rejected, so he hired the services of three people to do the slaughtering for him. The municipality is yet to release a statement to comment on those claims. Even if the three workers were proven innocent, their chances of escaping punishment remain slim because administrative deportation decisions in Kuwait are usually irreversible.


Fire broke out in a Salmiya restaurant on Friday, and Salmiya and South Salmiya fire centers responded. The fire was put out without injuries.

Maid hospitalized

An Asian maid who became hysterical refused to come out from under a vehicle in Andalus and was sent to the psychiatric hospital after finally stabilizing her. The sponsor said he was surprised with the maid's behavior because she is normally very well behaved.

Reckless driver arrested

A reckless driver who nicknamed his car "the story of Taima fire" was arrested for disturbing the peace and endangering the lives of others. A security source said the arrest came following complaints about the reckless driver whose car was spitting fire.


The body of a 19-year-girl was recovered by the coroner after she hung herself in her parents' house. Investigations are underway to find the reason behind the suicide.


A citizen escaped death when his vehicle collided into a house and ended in the basement. A security source said that a call about a collision and a person trapped in the vehicle was made. Firemen went to the scene and freed the man who was taken to hospital. Police said the man lost control and collided with the house.

Fugitive caught

A bedoon who is sentenced to death was arrested in Kabd desert following stiff resistance. The suspect is convicted of attempting to kill two detectives among other charges. Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives were tipped about a drugs dealer in Kabd so they obtained an arrest warrant, but when they went to the place he was in, he was armed and resisted them before being arrested.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies