Trio caught with drugs

crime-scene-picKUWAIT: Southern roads patrol officers arrested three people with possession of 26 illicit tablets. The three, two Kuwaitis and one Saudi, were sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DGCD). Patrol officers had stopped the suspect’s vehicle, only to discover that they were in an abnormal condition. The drugs were found when the men were searched.

KD 3,000 watch stolen

A man lost his KD 3,000 watch after who going to visit a school in Fahad Al-Ahmad. A security source said that the citizen told local police that his watch was stolen from his car when he stopped by to visit the school. A thief reportedly broke the car’s window and stole the watch. Detectives are investigating. Separately, a Kuwaiti man told police in Taima broke into his vehicle and stole belongings he had left inside. Meanwhile, a man told officers in Farwaniya that an unknown person stole his car which was parked near the area’s police station.

Sponsor robbed

A police Colonel told officers at Farwaniya police station that his domestic helper stole KD 1,000 before disappearing. The African maid stole the money from the safe at her employer’s house before escaping, according to the man’s statements. A case was filed for investigations.

Unlicensed restaurant

Khaitan police raided a house in the area which was turned into an unlicensed restaurant. A security source said that patrol officers noticed two persons unloading vegetables into a house. Then when they the men to stop, they ran away instead. Police chased them into the house, which was discovered to be run as a restaurant without a license or security and safety conditions. Seven people were arrested in total.

Illegal calls

Farwaniya police sent a man to prison for deportation processing as she was arrested for offering international calling services at an office in the area illegally. Police found out about the place after chasing a person who ran away from patrol officers as soon as he spotted them in the area, a security source said. They arrested the Sri Lankan woman along with devices used to make international phone calls in violation of Ministry of Commerce regulations. She was sent to the concerned authorities for further action. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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