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Traditional women’s clothing reflective of Kuwait’s desert, sea heritage

kuwaitKUWAIT: Cultures are usually reflected by the choice of clothing which people put on and that fact is very true when concerned with Kuwaiti society which derives its heritage from the desert and the sea. With its harsh desert environment which pushed most people near the coastlinealso often humid and hot-traditional women clothing varied in design.

In the summer season, the clothes usually were made of lighter material to fend of the harsh summer season with the case reversing in winter.

Women wear in particular developed vastly from what men use to put on with each piece of clothing being worn for specific occasions like weddings, going to the market and so on.

The varying designs of women wear led the ladies in Kuwait to give name to the attire they wear with words like “Bukhnag” and “Burqu”, both clothing to cover either the face or hair. Kuwait was not in isolation from other countries in the region with elements of some cultures seeping into what people wear in the country due to travels made merchants and adventures on sea and land. Of course with the passage of time, Kuwaiti clothes evolved with the introduction of imported goods such as women shoes, locally known as “Jouti” which created “hype” back in the day. —KUNA

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