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Traditional medicine – an Integral part of Kuwait society

KUWAIT: Despite the huge advances in the medical field, many Kuwaitis still seek traditional medicine to heal ailments and diseases using natural ingredients. Some Kuwaitis pursue traditional methods of healing due the fact modern medicines offer treatments that contain chemicals that have various negative side effects on the body. Speaking about the benefits of traditional medicine, Jassem Bahman, a folk healer said that he began his career in 1994, learning the roots of the craft from his grandfather.

“Traditional medicine had been around since the dawn of man,” said Bahman who stressed that he learned the secrets of his profession through the experience of his ancestors rather than academic means. Bahman noted that Kuwait has always been known for its traditional healers, citing names such as the late Abdullah Baqr Hajji Ramadan, Mohammad Saeed Al-Kuwaiti, and others who deemed as the forefathers of this method.In addition to the physical aspects, traditional medicine also tended to the ailments of the soul with many healers reciting the Holy Quran as a mean to bring upon tranquility and calmness to patients.

From herbs, seeds, eyeliners, and other materials, traditional healers used what was necessary to heal the sick, said Bahman who noted that there were both male and female healers in the past that tended to the needs of their patients according to their gender. Bahman admitted that advancement in modern medicine had led traditional medicine to become less prominent; however, he insisted that despite this challenge, healing through traditional means is still sought to this day. – KUNA

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