Toddler killed in fall

KUWAIT: A toddler died after she fell in the bathroom of her Saad Al-Abdullah home. The three-year-old Kuwaiti girl was rushed to the hospital by her family, but was pronounced dead due to the head injuries she suffered. The parents were questioned about the death, while the case was referred to detectives to complete investigations.

Fake detective
Detectives are looking for a man who claimed to be a detective, stopped a pedestrian, showed him an ID, then beat him badly before escaping. The victim, Indian, went to Fahaheel police station and reported the attack. A complaint was registered and police are looking for the imposter.

Reckless driving
Qashaniya police arrested a citizen who appeared in a video clip driving recklessly in front of Abdaly co-op society. His vehicle was impounded at the traffic department.

Addict caught
Mubarak Al-Kabeer police arrested a citizen using drugs in a public car park, and he was sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). A police patrol saw a man in the car, and when they approached the vehicle, they found him in an abnormal condition with drugs and paraphernalia.

Obscene gesture
A citizen complained against a person for making an obscene gesture following a dispute over the right of way in Salmiya. The citizen gave police the suspect’s license plate number as the case was referred to detectives to arrest the suspect.

Property damage
A citizen accused her ex-husband of deliberately damaging her car by hitting it several times, in a complaint she filed against him at Ali Sabah Al-Salem police station. The woman said she ran into her ex-husband in the cooperative parking lot, and he hit her car several times due to previous disputes. Police are investigating. – Al-Rai

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