Three fire teams battle stables’ blaze

KUWAIT: Fire broke out in stables in Kabd on Sunday evening. Kabd, Jleeb and backup fire stations responded, led by Col Salem Al-Shafi. The site of the fire contained woodworks, combustible materials and paint. The fire was brought under control without injuries.

KUWAIT: Firefighters battle a blaze reported in Kabd on Sunday evening

Emergency landing
A citizen was sent to concerned authorities for forcing a Kuwait Airways plane to land in Iran for two hours, Al-Rai reported yesterday. An informed source said the man was in an abnormal state, and behaved strangely and started screaming and moving between seats and did not heed the orders of cabin crew, so the pilot made an emergency landing. Airport security there controlled and handcuffed him to his seat. The plane then took off and he was handed to airport police on arrival.

Forged visa
Kuwait Airport passport control officers arrested a Bangladeshi man who attempted to enter the country on a forged visa. He said he paid someone in the country to obtain the visa, Al-Rai reported. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities.

Trucks’ theft
Two Syrians who bought stolen trucks sold by drivers without the knowledge of the owners were arrested. The duo used to dismantle the vehicles and sell their parts, reported Al-Rai. Detectives learned the two had an enclosure where they removed the parts, then crushed the metal and sold it as steel scrap. Detectives stormed the place and found cash and cutting tools. The two were arrested and confessed to committing seven thefts. Detectives are collecting information about missing trucks to learn if the two are involved in their disappearance.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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