Three car inspectors fight in Jahra

KUWAIT: Jahra vehicle technical inspection department was the venue of a fight between three inspectors due to disputes not related to their jobs. One of them was suspected of being under the influence of drugs, while the other disappeared after he claimed that he wanted to go home to bring his ID, but did not return. Two inspectors had a verbal exchange with a colleague, and it escalated to exchanging blows. One of them then stabbed his colleague with a pen, before the rest of the employees broke the fight up. The injured inspector went to hospital for treatment, then lodged a complaint at Saad Al-Abdullah police station. The other two inspectors were summoned, and one of them was in an abnormal condition, while the other claimed his ID was at home and went to bring it and did not return. Detectives are investigating.

Head injury
A citizen was rushed to Adan Hospital after sustaining injuries on the way to Zour. The citizen and his friend were busy with the boat, when one of them got inside it, while the other drove off. While on the road, the boat fell on the street with the man inside it, and he sustained a head injury. Police and paramedics rushed to the site and transferred the injured man to hospital in a critical condition.

Body found
A man was found dead in his vehicle in Waha. The man was noticed by a citizen, who called police, and paramedics confirmed he was dead. The deceased is a citizen in his thirties and there were no signs of foul play. Investigations are underway.

Nugra fire
Thirteen people suffered burns and suffocations due to a fire in a Nugra apartment. Policemen rushed to the building and found the fire was caused by a gas cylinder that exploded in the apartment. A source said nine persons were treated onsite, while four were taken to hospital.

Under the influence
A Kuwaiti woman in her thirties and a citizen in his twenties were taken to the Drugs Control General Department after being found under the influence of drugs. Police noticed the two were in an abnormal condition when their IDs were being checked, so the car was searched and a liquor bottle was found, along with a light bulb containing a white substance, a small bag of drugs and three other liquor bottles.

Search for thieves
Jahra prosecutor ordered detectives to arrest two persons who robbed an Indian man of his car and mobile in Qashaniya, after they threatened him with a knife. The Indian works as a foreman in an engineering company and was near the gate of an oil company in Rawdatain in his pickup truck, when he was surprised by the two thieves. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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