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My thoughts on ‘plant-based’ eating

Yalda Golsharifi

The concept of “plant-based” eating has been a concept that I’ve been interested in for a while. I always felt like eating plant-based was the right way to go, however it was always hard for me to take that first step and commit to this lifestyle. A “plant-based” lifestyle basically means that your diet consists of foods only from the earth. All fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes fit into this lifestyle. I always thought it would be so hard to cut out meat, chicken, and dairy and that it would be so hard to create delicious meals but since trying out eating plant-based, I’ve been having so much fun creating different recipes and variations of plant foods and it hasn’t been hard at all.

The benefits of eating plant-based are endless. Its been proven that this way of eating can ward of chronic diseases and even reverse some diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Its also amazing if you want to lose weight because your consuming less calories but still getting everything you need. Eating plant-based also means your food is loaded with fiber, which aids in digestion as well as lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Cutting out animal products also means skipping most of the saturated fat that they include which clogs pores, resulting in healthier more vibrant looking skin with less visible pores.

I’ve been feeling amazing since I converted to eating “plant-based” and I can see it being something I’ll stick with in the long run. I feel less fatigued and so much lighter and I’ve noticed that even my mind feels clearer. I’ve also noticed changes in my husband Hassan, who deals with a lot of anxiety. He also feels like his anxiety has been so much better after switching to plant-based foods. Some studies have actually shown that a “plant-based” lifestyle can cure mental diseases like depression and anxiety, which I think is amazing.

Of course having a little bit of dairy once in a while or some seafood here and there wont hurt but I think if the majority of your food is plant-based you really will be able to notice the benefits and it will feel amazing. I’ve even tried to incorporate more plant-based foods in my kids diets as well and they’re starting to love all the new colorful meals we’ve been making. I recommend everyone who’s into a more natural, organic lifestyle and eating healthy to try out eating plant-based and cutting out the chicken, meat and dairy. You know what they say, don’t let your stomach become a graveyard!

By Yalda Golsharifi

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