Those who write history

Dr Khalid Ahmad Al-Saleh

History does not write itself – history is made by human beings, and not any human being. Only the distinguished carry in their brains an “ink” with which they can write history. US President George HW Bush wrote history and changed the path of events when the shouters among his people stood outside the White House demanding “no war” during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

The people were influenced by the Vietnam War, but President Bush was the maker of his country’s glory. He answered those who asked him about people’s demands by saying: “If I listened to them, America will not be the strongest in the world. Power had its requirements, and it will only have its effect at the hands of history makers.”

It is our good luck that George Bush Sr was at the helm of power in America, and King Fahd in Saudi Arabia. History changed its path and Kuwait’s people returned to their country with gratitude to those who stood beside them. The last knight who departed was President George HW Bush, who Kuwaitis have love and appreciation for.

The “ink” of history will not dry out from the brains of the great, and as Bush made history, we wish that our leaders in liberated Kuwait complete what started in 1991 – the movement of a new Kuwait. The movement in which people’s alliances change so justice and equality become the headline of the new era, an era HH the Amir started for the sake of a different Kuwait – Kuwait 2.0 – the dream of Kuwaitis.

A Kuwait in which the alliance of politicians with merchants ends, and every citizen feels that he is able to participate in running his country with only his efforts and knowledge and not in his grandfather’s name; a Kuwait that is not monopolized by the few of the few, as if it is a milch cow that pours money in their pockets like the flying gravel because of the rain; a Kuwait in which alliances and counter alliances are banned so that Kuwait is the only comprehensive alliance.

Then, and only then we will have preserved the gift Allah granted to us – He sent men who made history for our sake. Bush Sr passed away recently, the last of those who made the history of new Kuwait, so that the era of Kuwait 2.0 starts under the leadership of new writers of history.

By Dr Khalid Ahmad Al-Saleh

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