Those who blame others

HoutiAmong the most beautiful moments in my life that I still remember and will not go away from my memory, is when I used to sit with my grandmother, may Allah bestow his mercy on her, and learn from her. Although she was illiterate, she had much knowledge. I remember when I used to go to her and talk about some behaviors of some people which I used to find strange, and which did not have any relation to what they said during their gatherings, she used to say: They blame people, while the blame is on them.

That saying was constantly repeated by my grandmother, and now I repeat it a lot about many of those who we run into and find that they have ‘dual personalities,’ as what they advise and urge others to stay away from, they do it themselves! Here are some of these ‘bad things’ that are flaws in the persons who cite them in others.

* Those who blame the liar while they have never known truth in their lives!
* Those who blame those who do not read, while they do not even know the meaning of book!
* Those who blame the one who does not pray, while he himself has never prayed!
* Those who blame people for gossiping, while all his talk is gossip!
* Those who blame those with no mercy, while they do not have any mercy in their hearts!
* They blame those who do not donate in charity while they do not know how to give zakat!
* They blame those who do not have sympathy for others while they do not know how to have sympathy with themselves!
* Those who blame those who oppress, while they are oppression personified!

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Nermin Al-Houti

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