Third Seniors Arab Tennis Championship

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Chairman of the Board of the Arab Tennis Federation Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Abdallah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah announced the start of the Third Seniors Arab Tennis Championship (over 35 years) in Amman, Jordan with the participation of more than 210 players of both genders from several Arab countries. He said the championship includes singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

He said the participation in this tournament is unprecedented, as this is the first time the number of participants is over 210, including players whose age is above 70 years, as he lauded the excellent organization by the Jordan Tennis Federation and Jordan Tennis Club. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber said the Championship is sanctioned by the Arab Federation and will continue until Thursday, while the final match will be under the patronage of Jordan’s Youth Minister Mohammad Al-Nabulsi, in the presence of heads of 8 Arab federations’ chairmen in addition to the heads of delegations.

He said the tournament is enjoying great success year after year, and lauded the success in the first tournament in Amman and the second in Sharm el-Sheikh adding that the ATF will continue supporting this tournament which relates to the seniors.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber said the Board of ATF will hold a meeting Wednesday in the presence of (8) Federations Board Directors, and will include discussion via Zoom with ITF President Dave Hagerty and the German Federation President, who will face each other in the elections of ITF at the end of this month in Mexico. He said that both asked for ATF support, adding that the Arabs decision will be unanimous, based on each candidate’s platform and what to be presented to the Arab Tennis in particular.

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