The sixth sense

Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle said that the main human senses are five – smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch. One cannot smell using his sense of touch or fingers. We cannot hear using our eyes. The only person who could see through his nose was the famous police character Abu Kalabcha in the popular old comic series Sahh Al-Noum. He believed that his nose was always right.

Well, I believe that Aristotle was wrong with regards to the sense of taste, because like so many of you, he thinks that things can only be tasted by mouths and tongues which tell the difference between salty and sweet, hot and cold and distinguish between various flavors. I will prove that things can be tasted through other organs.

All sects of the Kuwaiti people noticed and saw how so many people changed their principles with regards to taking part in the parliamentary elections after they rejected it and accused those participating of treason. These very same people are now very keen on taking part in the elections to win parliamentary seats, forgetting all about the previous statements they made. They are actually fighting fiercely amongst themselves, though they had refused taking part or running for elections in the past. They even justify their participation.

Well, this proves that parliamentary seats have delicious and sweet tastes only known to those who have experienced them and lost the taste for a while. This also refutes Aristotle’s argument that taste is felt by the mouth and tongue. It can be done by other organs in some people’s bodies. So, this is what should be described as the sixth sense! – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saad Al-Motesh

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