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The percentage of children with cancer in Kuwait is 4.3%

Chairman of the board of the National Campaign for Cancer Awareness (C.A.N) Dr Khalid Al-Saleh said the percentage of cancer cases in children is less than that in grownups, adding that the number of cases in children reached 120 cases at 4.3% of the total cases of all types of cancer according to the cancer register at Kuwait Cancer Control Center.

Al-Saleh said during a press conference in cooperation with (I Want to Learn Society) held earlier in the week to spread awareness about cancer in children that 52.1% of those with cancer are male and about 53.8% are less that 10 years of age. He added that 40.3% of cases were diagnosed in blood, and more than 55.5% were tissue tumors and surgery was recommended for 29.4% of cases.

Dr Khalid Al-Saleh said most cases (74.8%) received chemotherapy, 14.3% received radiation and that 89.1% of infected children are still alive. Al-Saleh said the strategy that is more effective to reduce the burden of children cancer and improve health results is to focus on its speedy and accurate diagnoses, then allowing for a successful treatment in addition to supporting care designed for this purpose.

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