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Life is all about trials – we succeed sometimes and fail too, but the proven fact is that life goes on according to a certain plan. We all sleep, then wake up to resume our business - be it to go to work,  process transactions , go to school to check on our children, repair the car, buy groceries, pay bills, and on and on. This is the daily routine of the globe’s inhabitants.

That is why each one of us must care for the other because what affects my neighbor today may come around and affect me tomorrow - be it good or bad -and I can benefit from his experience to better handle the situation and deal with it correctly.

We are encouraged to look at the bright side of things, and always see the cup half full, and once we remain optimistic, we will always find a way to move on as a society because one can never live alone - at least not like a human being. The following dialogue by an anonymous writer has a message that I wish to deliver and hope to be successful in doing so:

The eraser once asked the pencil: how are you my friend? The pencil answered in anger: I am not your friend, I hate you. Astonished and sad, the eraser asked: Why? The pencil said: Because you erase what I write. The eraser said: I only erase mistakes. The pencil said: What do you have to do with it? The eraser said: I am an eraser and this is my job.

The pencil said: This is not a job. The eraser said: My job is beneficial just like yours. The pencil said: You are wrong and arrogant, because the one that writes is better than one who erases. The eraser said: Removing the mistake equals writing the right.

The pencil paused, then said with sadness: But I see you are getting smaller day after day. The eraser said: Because I sacrifice something out of me each time I erase a mistake. The pencil said: I feel that I am shorter than I was. The eraser said: We cannot help others unless we sacrifice for their sake. Then she looked at the pencil and asked: Do you still hate me? The pencil smiled and said: How can I hate you while sacrifice brought us together?

Each time you wake up, you lose a day from your age, so if you cannot be a pencil to write happiness for others, then be an eraser to remove their sadness and give them hope and optimism that the future will always be better.

Was the message delivered? I hope so!