KUWAIT: With numerous laptops available in the market, choosing the right one to buy is surely a daunting task. Selecting your next laptop depends on your needs and workload. Are you looking for a big-screen laptop or do you prefer a small and light one? Do you opt for one with regular features? On the other hand, do you go with one that comes packed with innovative smart features? This article here explains how the Most Elegant Thin & Light Laptop - Huawei MateBook X is the perfect all-rounder with top seven features to lookout for when buying your next laptop!

Ultra-light, thin and stylish
No one wants a big and heavy laptop that will drag and slow you down. Light and portable laptops have become the norm, and if you add in elegance to that then you are referring to the Huawei MateBook X. Huawei's latest laptop comes in an Ultra-light and thin body weighing just 1kg and measuring 13.6mm2 in thickness. The aesthetics of the Huawei MateBook X is clearly visible with beautiful color variants - Silver Frost and Forest Green.

3K infinite fullview touch screen
Whether your next laptop is going to be used mainly for work or personal use and entertainment, having a big, clear display is necessary. As such, the Huawei MateBook X comes with a 3K Huawei Infinite FullView Display3. With a borderless design, that offers a 90-percent4 screen-to-body ratio. The spotless screen delivers an immersive experience together with vibrant colors whether for work, content creation or media entertainment. The display is also multi-touch-enabled with gesture support, such as Fingers Gesture Screenshot, which lets users quickly take a screenshot by swiping downwards on the screen with three fingers, no, this is not a smartphone, this is a laptop!

Efficient multitasking
Your laptop should be able to provide you with smart solutions such as cross-platform sharing. Like seriously, cable sharing is somewhat outdated! Moreover, it is time consuming as well. The Huawei MateBook X comes with Multi-Screen Collaboration feature that is part of Huawei Share. Multi-Screen Collaboration links mirrors your smartphone onto your laptop's screen. Sharing files is easy as dragging and dropping from one device to another! You can also use this feature to accomplish task on your phone using the laptops peripherals such as keyboard and mouse!

Huawei FreeTouch: New possibilities for interaction. Don't you sometimes wish if your laptop's clickpad had a larger surface area? And could be clicked from both the top and bottom? Huawei MateBook X is the first to feature a clickpad with Huawei FreeTouch. The improved clickpad offers a more expansive space for navigation and creative expressions, and supports haptic feedback for a more tactile experience. Additionally, Huawei Share tag is embedded into the touchpad, improving the aesthetics and greatly enlarging the induction area to deliver a truly integrated experience.

Power and reliability
Your new laptop should be able to process all your task, whatsoever it maybe, efficiently. Thankfully, with the Huawei MateBook X you get the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and up to 16GB RAM for smooth processing. The Huawei MateBook X delivers powerful performance to support a smooth experience. The laptop also supports Wi-Fi 6, which ensures fast and stable Internet connections.

Sound that vibrates your eardrums
Whether you are on a video call or watching a movie you need sound that will make you feel as if you are actually there, physically not virtually. The Huawei MateBook X offers excellent audio with a powerful quad-speaker system with split-frequency setup delivering rich 3D audio directly from under the keyboard. The sound system synergizes with advanced audio algorithms to virtualize surround sound.

Authenticated user privacy
In terms of user privacy and security, the Huawei MateBook X comes protected by the 2-in-1 Fingerprint Power Button, which combines the fingerprint reader with the power button to securely authenticate user identity when the device is switched on. Additionally, the unique recessed camera design provides you with peace of mind by embedding the camera into a key cap that is easily accessible and pops up only when you want to use it.

The Huawei MateBook X is joined by the Huawei MateBook X Pro, which comes with an Ultra FullView Display in a sleek and elegant unibody design and elegant Emerald Green colour. Huawei MateBook X is loaded with innovative features like Multi-screen collaboration and Huawei Free Touch. It also features the 10th generation CPUs for professional performance and an all-day long battery life with a portable charger. The laptop also sports a two-in-one power button together with the fingerprint sensor for easy login while the recessed camera provides privacy protection when not in use.