The living dead

shayejiThough it has been over two years now since the blessed June 30, 2013 revolution took place in Egypt and its consequences of toppling Mohamed Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian people, and despite all the subsequent violence, killing and occupying of squares by Brotherhood followers, bullies and those they hired from the mob to create chaos and hinder Egypt’s progress, some people are still satanically blinded from seeing and understanding the truth. They still believe that what happened was the exact opposite.

They only see the over 30 million people revolting against the Brotherhood as 3,000. They see the Brotherhood gangs’ occupation of the squares of Rabia in Nasr City and Nahda in Giza where they terrorized the residents and blocked major streets as their right. They fail to see it as illegal act of affecting people’s interests, jeopardizing secure people within their own houses and preventing them from practicing their daily life routines.

They see that as rightful of the Brotherhood, who, as they believe, should prioritize their interests over those of the people, along with people’s security and safety. Despite many calls to the demonstrators to clear the squares and open blocked streets so that life could go back to normal and, despite the Brotherhood’s arrogance, tyranny and rejection to listen to reason, those misled people still support them and see the Brotherhood obstinacy as rightful. When the squares were cleared, the Brotherhood people started throwing bombs at army troops who are known to be patient, wise and well-disciplined, and kept begging demonstrators, who were abandoned by their leaders, to peacefully clear the squares, but they refused. Such misled people fail to see those incidents as they actually happened and the way the whole world saw them through live coverage.

Their demons gave them other interpretations that never happened and were only plotted by them. These are but specimens of misled people who deny the truth they clearly see with their own eyes. At the same time, they will believe some untrue fairytale. Therefore, we have to deal with them as if they never existed. We should ignore them as if they are merely death people that are still breathing. —Translated by Kuwait Times

By Saleh Al-Shayeji

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