The drug merchants

Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

The Ministry of Interior foiled an attempt to smuggle a huge amount of Captagon pills into the country. The pills were professionally hidden in a container coming from Turkey. The operation was described as the largest seizure of drugs – an estimated 10 million pills of Captagon worth 25 million Kuwaiti dinars! Authorities allowed the container to enter the country and followed it until its final destination in an open area in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. They waited for three days, until a 28-year-old Syrian man came to receive it and was caught red-handed. Investigations will reveal the truth, but this should be a lesson, and that the Syrian, who could just be a messenger, is guilty too.

The most important question remains: Who has such a large amount of money to trade in drugs, and when will the MoI will disclose the name of this merchant? The director of security and media public relations at the interior ministry said that the role of the ministry is to detect and arrest drug traffickers and users, then register cases against them to be referred to the prosecution, and it is up to the courts to issue the right punishments.

Some MPs have called for public executions to make such crimes an example for those tempted to subvert society and waste youth potentials. Issuing death sentences or imprisonment is the jurisdiction of the court, based on the evidence presented by the Ministry of Interior. However, the Ministry of Interior is responsible for following the subject until the arrest of the mastermind of this crime.

Talking about the implementation of public death sentences is usually accompanied by a lot of different opinions. Some think it may be harsh, while others see it as a lesson for those who believe they can commit such a crime and escape punishment. In some cases, execution, public or not, is necessary. The death penalty could be a step against drugs dealers, but it will not stop this trade, even if it helps to reduce its occurrence.

It is likely that the money could be used to finance terrorist operations, and this theory is worth looking into. Terrorist organizations could be behind this crime and not just individuals, because millions of dinars are involved. This is beyond a one-man show. We should not be naÔve to assume that this crime will be the last. We need the MoI to be alert all the time. They did a great job to catch this shipment before it spread in the country. The community needs to know who is who behind this shipment – the real culprit, whose punishment should be a lesson for others. Not getting the official and right answer may lead to wrong conclusions and speculations that lead to rumors.

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