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Theoretically, Arabs have one enemy in the region, but we lately created other enemies such as Iran, and some added to that by deepening their hatered to Iran, in exchange of being more accepted to Israel, which became closer to being a friend than on enemy.

Our differences with Iran are not historic like our disputes with Israel, and it was historically a fluctuating difference every now and then, and from one Arab country to another, as well as from one behavior to another, and the source of every difference is the ignorance of each side with the circumstances and nature of the other, though I lean towards believing that Iran knows about the 22 Arab countries more that what those states know about it.

I studied in Kuwait schools, which its curricula during my days, were more developed and open, and despite that I do not remember that I red one line that is near positive about them, not in geography, weather, strength, weakness or history. So it was natural to point negatively towards them without a known reason.

But as for Israel, many look at it as a political and religious enemy and not as a civilized danger, and this is a grave mistake. Despite the fact that struggle with it did not stop one day, we remained with our ignorance of all what it represents, and we remained for 70 years, and still, do not know anything about it, and we did not learn anything from it.

Israel defeated us in all fields, military, science and civilization, and despite that we refused to find out the reason of its clear supremacy over us, but our description of it as the deformed entity did not stop one day, so what will the case be if it was a full entity!

Israel committed itself to democracy since the day it was established, and we still refuse to even talk about it, much less follow it.

Israel allowed its people to form whatever they like of parties and we still curse its systems.

Israel gave the minorities of its citizens rights, the majority of Arab countries citizens do not dream off, also religious freedoms in it exceed those in any Arab or Muslim country.

Israel paid attention to science, and spent much on research, and we are still preoccupied with the truth about the benefits of drinking or treatment with camel urine.

Israel succeed in integrating those who migrated to it from more than 50 countries, and created one people out of them, and we failed in creating an army out of people whose roots are way deep into history.

Israel knew order and lines from deny one, and we are still trying to find out the meaning of the two words.

Two of its prime ministers were sent to prison for corruption, and we are still discussing how to convict the large thieves among us.

Israel developed its technologies and entered the agricultural, industrial and military development fields, and became an advanced state, and we became at the end of the march in every field.

Israel succeeded in enrolling its companies in world bourses, and we are thinking about selling our assets. The list is long, and the pains linger with it.

- Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf