• Burgers take the lead as the most ordered cuisine in Kuwait
  • The most expensive late night order wasn’t food
  • Kuwait is officially the king of sauces, with extra sauce orders being the highest in the region

The home-grown region leading food and grocery delivery app, talabat, has compiled a list of some of their Kuwaiti customer’s best, weirdest, and wonderful ordering habits of the year. 2020 has been a year that we don’t want to repeat - however that doesn’t mean that we can’t find fun in some of how we’ve used talabat!

Lockdown: What was the most ordered cuisine?

We’ll give you a hint: two buns, salad and a meaty filling. That’s right - burgers! Of the top 20 most-ordered foods during lockdown, the first six, and twelve in total were from burger joints! Now the big question; Burger King, Elevation Burger or McDonalds?

This year, Burger King reigned supreme, featuring six times on the top 20, with the Chicken Royale Meal crowned as the most loved lockdown meal, with 2.5x more orders than the Elevation Burger’s cheeseburger - which came in second place product on our list. McDonald’s was also featured in 20th spot, with their McChicken Medium Meal.

The biggest late night order in Kuwait? 608 KDs

From the tales of the weird and wonderful, we’ve uncovered this little gem. This year’s biggest late night order came in the form of two air conditioners: 1x Hyundai Wall Mounted 24K and 1x Hyundai Wall Mounted 30k.

We’ve heard about the perils (or joys) of late night shopping, but this takes it to the next level!

Kuwait: The undisputed sauce loving champions of the region.

It’s official. Kuwaiti’s are the undisputed sauce loving champions in the region. Our top three purchased extra sauces, headlined by the Santa Fe Sauce from Hardees, followed by Mayo and Ketchup Mix Sauce, also from Hardees and Sweet Chilli Sauce from McDonalds were ordered over 330,000 times this year. To put that into context, that’s 125,000 more sauces than the next closest market, Egypt.

Sharing kindness following a few taps

Food and groceries (and air conditioners) were not the only ways that Kuwaiti citizens and residents used talabat - they also used it to donate!

With over 35,000 KD donated during COVID, Kuwaiti’s have really shown their kindness. Customers also took part of donating to Beirut’s recovery in the #lunchforlebanon campaign. With over 115,000 orders placed during #lunchforlebanon, region-wide, talabat donated 100% off all profits as well as an extra 150,000 euros.