We are sucking food, MPs

Those cards cover so many services that are of no use to retirees

Parliament agenda includes a clause known as ‘responding to letters’. As far as I know, it involves having MPs respond to letters they receive from citizens but I do not know if those letters were ones of appreciation or complaint. However, I will push my luck and try sending one of those letters hoping they would respond to it. I am a retired citizen and my pension is less than half of your declared salaries. This applies to most retirees on behalf of whom I would like to thank you for passing the law to provide private medical insurance to retirees via the Afya card, thus giving us some medical privileges.

However, Afya card gives us what is worth over KD 15,000 of medical services and the insurance company will get that sum whether we use it or not. According to a firsthand experience, I only used the card in doing a full blood test that costs KD 150 at most, but when I needed it in a more serious case, they kicked me out. Those cards cover so many services that are of no use to retirees such as maternity services as you all know that retirees mostly do not need it.

So, if you wish, just provide us with some herbal or medical remedy that makes us young once more and we promise we will produce you more voters. You all know that most retirees suffer from dental problems, so it would be better if you include dental fixed implantations that cost over KD 10,000, in the services the card provides, or at least include the cost of purchasing baby formula that needs no chewing because we are already fed with ‘sucking our food’. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Saad Al-Motesh


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