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Successful power boat run in Kuwait

powerboatKUWAIT: In an exciting atmosphere, the power boat run 2016 concluded its activities on Saturday evening, the run started from Marina to Kout, with the participation of more than 15 boats including the champions of Kuwait headed by Dr Tarek Al Kazemi the head of the higher organizing committee of power boat run 2016.

The 45 minutes event witnessed great attendance of audience and fans of the sport, there was also a notable security for the event – both air and sea security, the mass media covered the event from all aspects, the event concluded by a festival ceremony for the participants and the working committees. All thanks and gratitude to the efforts of Dr Tarek Al Kazemi – the head of higher organizing committee and the manager of the event Yasser Moustafa Khan, and the head of the technical committee Yousef Al Roubayan, and those who contributed in a way or another in the success of the event.

From his side, Dr Tarek Al Kazemi said that the organization of this event for the second subsequent year is consider an obvious indicator for the success of Kuwait in hosting and organizing the event, moreover, the increase in the participating teams is considered another positive indicator for the success of the event, in a direct step to put Kuwait strongly on the map of this sport, which is linked directly to the Kuwaiti heritage.

In the conclusion of his statement, All Kazemi thanked the sponsors for their support, and the ministries of the state including ministry of Interior – he also mentioned the prominent role of General Adel Al Hashash – media manager – in the success of this event for the second subsequent year.

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