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Subsidized food sold illegally in Jleeb

subsidised-foodKUWAIT: Commercial supervision and consumer protection teams at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) raided an illegal market in a Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh building yesterday. Tons of subsidized supply goods were offered for sale at the building’s basement. The raid was led by MoCI’s Assistant Undersecretary for Commercial Supervision and Consumer Protection Affairs Eid Al-Rasheedi, who said that the raid resulted in confiscating four tons of rice, 134 milk powder cans, 1,200 tomato paste cans, 76 baby milk cans and 116 oil bottles.

Rasheedi added that the inspection team also found three sewing machines used to sew bags to pack the subsidized goods in different bags to re-sell them in local markets under other brand names. Rasheedi pointed out that according to law number 10/1979, those trading in subsidized goods by reselling or exporting them can be penalized by the maximum of three months prison and/or the maximum of a KD 225 fine in addition to confiscating the goods and closing down the store for a maximum of six months.

Jleeb’s residents
Separately, Municipal Council member Nayef Al-Sour urged the political leadership to consider purchasing the remaining residential plots in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh to end the sufferings of citizens still living there, especially after the area has been ‘invaded’ by bachelors. Sour added that many citizens had abandoned their houses or rented them.

By Meshaal Al-Eenezi

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