KUWAIT: Kuwait Farmers Union Chairman Abdullah Mohammed Al-Dammak congratulated all farmers on the provision of Wafra and Abdaly farms with subsidized diesel. He thanked His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, Oil Minister Khaled Al-Fadhel, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate's (KFSD) Director Lt Gen Khaled Al-Mikrad and Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) for their endless support and efforts exerted in delivering the diesel. Speaking during a ceremony organized by the union on the occasion, Dammak said that the union's employees will receive applications from the farmers and finalize the provision cards within two days. Dammak said the union managed to get the subsidized diesel for 70 fils (including labor and transport) per liter instead of the market price of 110 fils. He added that diesel rations will be determined according to farm's size, the number of greenhouses and the percentage of agricultural land to the farm area.

Recycling plants
Municipal Council member Abdul Salam Al-Randi inquired about remarks made by the State Audit Bureau on the executive body's failure to deal with garbage disposal companies and recycling plants. Randi also inquired if the municipality has a mechanism to distribute construction debris to various treatment factories for recycling and the procedures followed in such transactions. In other news, and responding to social media reports about spending KD 18 million to maintain the Municipal Council secretariat's general building, Kuwait Municipality explained that this sum had been allocated to build the new Municipal Council building and has nothing to do with maintaining the current one.

Sacrifice project
The Awqaf Secretariat General announced starting preparations for the sacrifice project for this year's hajj and umrah season, cooperating with a number of government and private bodies. Vice secretary general for endowment Mansour Khaled Al-Soqobi stressed that the concerned government and private bodies, including the Zakat House, Kuwait Food Bank, Social Reform Society, Islamic Heritage Revival Society, Patients Fund, Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity, and the Foreign Ministry are keen on executing the project inside and outside Kuwait.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi