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Stay patient and calm – MAKE KUWAIT GREAT

Each of us can contribute to making Kuwait a better place for all of us to live. In our daily deeds and actions, we can find – if we choose to look – opportunities for improving Kuwait’s environment. From not littering on the streets, to choosing to be kind and helpful to others, each individual here can have a positive impact on the society as a whole. Kuwait Times wants to know what can you do?


Self-control and anger management is one of the most important behaviors that can help improve live in Kuwait, according to 31-year-old Khaled. He responded to the question of on how he could improve this country as follows:
“Most people here are not patient and engage themselves in ill behaviors, mostly while doing paper works and driving during rush hours. This conduct gets even more rude and aggressive in Ramadan when people are fasting. When people fast, they act as if they were the only ones fasting. Silly situations anger them, expecting to be excused in the name of fasting. Being a nervous person myself, I get easily provoked, which is why I avoid going out while fasting. And I advise other people who get uneasy for silly reasons to rather stay at home during the day in Ramadan if they cannot calm themselves down. I believe that discipline and dealing well with people are important. Many people try to overtake impatiently, which is wrong and I am least interested in such mannerisms. If such situations were to happen before me, I would try to correct people who are at fault for not maintaining queues and breaking lines.”

By Nawara Fattahova

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