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State departments asked to lay off ‘unnecessary’ expats

KUWAIT: The Cabinet has recently instructed different governmental bodies to stop recruiting expatriates with the exception of doctors and teachers in fields the state needed, well-informed governmental sources said. The instructions also included laying off extraneous expats, the sources said, noting that this would be considerably done in the coming fiscal year. “Government bodies will have to do so before the end of this year and each laid-off expat will be given a three-month notice,” the sources said.

Payroll law
MP Ahmed Lari stressed that it was high time for the government to pass the payroll strategic alternative law because it would help cut the cost of salaries in the state budget.

Senior officials
Informed sources said that the government would approve a law on appointing senior officials that is due to be discussed by the parliament’s human resources committee tomorrow.

Younger generation
MP Abdulrahman Al-Jeeran hailed Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah’s decision on referring investigators who had concluded their legal tenures to retirement, noting that this step was the result of the reforms carried out by Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled to make way for younger generations.

Stateless residents
A total of 17 lawmakers recently signed a request asking to allocate two hours of the March 1 and March 15 sessions to discuss the government’s policy in dealing with stateless residents.

Municipality law
Well-informed sources said that the government had rejected any amendments to its new municipality law, adding that it insisted on increasing the number of Municipal Council members in order to foil current attempts to delay government projects and plans.

By A Saleh

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