Sponsor kills Filipina maid

KUWAIT: A citizen was recently arrested for beating his Filipina maid to death, said security sources noting that the man initially called the police and paramedics – claiming that the maid had suddenly collapsed. However, on examining the body, forensics traced injuries showing that the woman had been brutally assaulted. The sponsor finally confessed to beating her up. He claimed that the maid was so negligent, always hurting his kids and that she tried to ‘poison’ his kids several times.

A practical joke?

A citizen who posted a video he made with his friend by setting him on fire has been arrested by e-crime detectives. According to security sources, the suspect claimed the video was ‘a practical joke’.

KD 7500 found in jail

Central Prison security recently found KD 7500 in cash with an inmate, said security sources noting that the sum was found on a routine inspection. A case has been filed, pending further investigations.

Kissing in public

A young man and a girl were recently arrested for kissing in public near a park in Riqqa area. Security sources said that a female citizen had seen the couple and reported them to the police. Separately, another couple was arrested while fighting in a Salmiya cafÈ. Security sources said that the fight broke out when the girl asked her ex-boyfriend to pay her back the money he had borrowed from her.

Seven bedoons arrested

Seven bedoons were recently arrested for fighting in Rai area during an auction to purchase a citizen’s second hand vehicle, said security sources noting that the suspects fought over the right to buy the vehicle. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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