Sorcery used to marry the man she loves

KUWAIT: A man, who visited a family with plans to ask their daughter for marriage, discovered that she was not his type, though the girl liked him and wanted the engagement to go on. The girl’s mother thought the only way to force him to marry her daughter was sorcery, so she went to a sorcerer who gave her materials and a special salt to bring love, he then asked her to throw it in places where he walks. However, the man saw her while throwing white material around his car and in front of the house, so he and his father caught her. The woman justified her action with claims that her daughter loves the man and wants him to be her husband. He lodged a complaint against them at the police station.

Bitter ex
An Iraqi woman accused her former boyfriend of storming into her residence at dawn, damaging its contents and threatening to kill her if she does not return to him. The woman returned to her flat, and found out that the door was broken, then when she entered, she found her ex-boyfriend, a bedoon, with a knife in his hand. When she tried to escape, he caught her and put the knife on her neck, and threatened to kill her if she does not accept him back, but she refused, so he vented his anger at the furniture, which he destroyed before escaping. The woman went to a Jahra police station and told them what happened. Police are working on the case. – Translated from the Arabic press

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