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Some business owners, and organizations offer part-time opportunities

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: To develop a productive society capable of building a strong state, some business owners and organizations provide internships and part-time job opportunities for students looking forward to working at an early age. Students learn new skills and prepare themselves for the future as entrepreneurs or employees who can serve the society. Not only students benefit from taking part in such opportunities; the companies that provide these opportunities to prepare youngsters to become skillful and experienced in various fields benefit as well. This supports the company’s productivity and sheds light on its social responsibility.

Aisha Al-Wayel

To build a promising future and prepare individuals capable of shaping an advanced society, Aisha Al-Wayel, CEO of a private company in Kuwait, shared with Kuwait Times the type of work she does to encourage hiring students for part time jobs or internships. “As a company that manages projects and human resources for other companies, we suggest providing opportunities for students. The companies usually let students work for a period of one to three months and earn work experience. Depending on the job offer during this period, the students focus on practicing different skills such as marketing, negotiating, selling, etc,” she said.

Aside from their academic degrees, which represent an essential part that prepares each individual to take part in serving humanity, Wayel suggests providing part-time jobs for students to empower their practical skills that go hand in hand with their academic knowledge. “During their time at work, students will meet people and get an idea about the work environment. As soon as they graduate, they become ready to move from their academic life as students to practical life,” she said.

Asmae Ait Ssi

Public Information Officer, Program Communication and Advocacy at United Nations Resident Coordinator Office in Kuwait Asmae Ait Ssi emphasized on the significance of social responsibility to give students the opportunity to experience working and its role in preparing capable individuals. “The United Nations in Kuwait encourages internships and have always been supporting youth in developing their skills, knowledge and innovation to better serve their communities to achieve their country’s aspirations and sustainable development for all,” she said.

In addition to societal advantages, giving such opportunities to students eases their life journey after graduating. Finding a job or starting one’s own business becomes a real challenge with many competitors in almost every field. However, success is achievable for those who have the capabilities to overcome the obstacles and have the skills and experience to stand out among others. Thus, it encourages students and fresh graduates to join a UN internship to prove their worthiness and ability to compete with others.

“Internships give you a firsthand impression of the day-to-day working environment of the United Nations. You will be given a real chance to work in a diverse environment and dynamic workplace. As part of our team, working directly with outstanding and inspiring professionals exposes you to high-profile conferences, participating in meetings and contributing to analytical work, as well as learning about the organizational policy of the United Nations,” Ait Ssi said.

After graduation, students who work at a certain company or organization have better chances of being officially hired at those places due to the skills they have acquired, unlike fresh graduates who are completely new to the work environment and are more likely to be nervous about their new job, which may badly affect their performance. According to Ait Ssi, interns are given the chance to avoid such pressure. “Initially, interns take on responsibilities they can shoulder, leading to growth potential and developing their skill,” she pointed out.

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