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In Between the Skyline of Kuwait City

SkylineShe’s one of the few Kuwaiti female artists who has been working as a street photographer the past five years and finally Farah Salem’s efforts have paid off.

In her first book and solo exhibition, under the name of “In -Between The Skyline of Kuwait City” Salem shares her vision of Kuwait. “I’ve decided to be a stranger in my own city and roam with my cameras to capture pictures of street life of some areas, such as, Sharq, Mirgab, Mubarakiya, and Jibla,” she explained.

The well constructed book offers readers a panoramic view of Kuwait’s street life as seen through Farah’s eyes. One of a growing crop of street photographers in Kuwait, Farah breaks new ground by capturing the magical in the mundane of everyday street life with intimate urban portraits and scene shots.

In her book, she describes them as culturally diverse which helped her learn and mature intellectually. The photographer holds a degree in visual communication and works with both old school and digital photography. Recently her work has been among the displayed at the latest exhibition of Abolish 153 campaign.

Story by Athoob Al-Shuaibi

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