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Six complex hernia surgeries performed at Jaber Hospital

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Doctors at Jaber Hospital performed six complex surgeries during a workshop featuring world renowned guest surgeon Dr Tim Tollins, Chief Surgeon Dr Suleiman Al-Mazidi said. “Herna and abdominal wall diseases are among the most common around the world and require experienced doctors to handle complicated conditions,” Dr Mazidi said. He explained that the hospital invited Dr Tollins to supervise local doctors’ training on complex surgeries that can now be done on patients who in the past needed to be sent for treatment abroad.
“We decided to bring in one of the best hernia surgeons in the world in order to provide the best quality medical services to citizens at Jaber Hospital,” he said in a press statement Wednesday, noting that local doctors and members of the Kuwait Surgery Board underwent training during the workshop on performing complex surgeries.
Dr Mazidi said that 30 surgeries are carried out daily at Jaber Hospital, which is among the highest rates in Kuwait. “Those surgeries require a team of different specialties including the surgeon, anesthetist, an internist and a radiologist,” he said. Furthermore, he indicated that Jaber Hospital seeks to attract national competencies and host international experienced surgeons for complex surgeries “which helps offer the best health services to citizens and reduce the need to send cases for treatment abroad.”
Dr Mazidi appreciated the role of the health ministry in bringing in the best doctors from around the world, in addition to the best techniques to serve patients. He thanked the health minister for the services it provides, including allowing patients to book appointments with visiting doctors online.
Meanwhile, General surgery, obesity and laparoscopy specialist Dr Ali Larry said that they had a workshop at Jaber Hospital to repair complex hernia cases, highlighting the importance of such workshops in helping develop local expertise.
“The workshops allow for knowing how to conduct complex operations in various methods,” he said, adding that simple surgeries are also included in the workshop to make trainees more accustomed to carrying them out.

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