KUWAIT: The arrival of Filipino domestic helpers has been accelerated lately, as demand for them is high, which has led to a significant rise in recruitment costs. Sources told Al-Rai daily the cost of bringing a helper from the Philippines ranges between KD 1,400 to KD 1,600, including KD 890 to be paid to the recruitment office, and the rest goes to pay for institutional quarantine, PCR tests and airfare. All these costs are borne by the sponsor - in case they wish to bring in the helper without going through the office, the cost will be KD 890 only, but there will be no guarantee if the helper escapes or refuses to work.

The sources expect the costs to increase because of the full curfew imposed from Aug 5 to Aug 20 in Manila, and the high cost on labor agencies in the Philippines. The arrival of helpers began with two flights from the Philippines to Kuwait in May, four flights in June, eight in July and 13 in the current month, while 10 flights are scheduled for September, the sources explained. They said around seven percent of domestic helpers had positive PCR test results before leaving for Kuwait, who were not allowed to board the plane.