KUWAIT: The Director of the Public Health Department and head of Shlonik application committee at the Ministry of Health Dr Fahad Al-Ghamlas said yesterday that the application is a model for the cooperation of various state bodies in the service of the public. In a statement to the press, Ghamlas expressed his pride on winning the Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics award for Shlonik application.

Dr Fahad Al-Ghamlas

Ghamlas dedicated this achievement to the Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah and the workers of the ministry, thanking them for their constant support to the staff supervising the application. He also thanked all workers in the various sectors of the application at the same time. And the price of their constant encouragement to adopt modern electronic means for all measures related to combating COVID 19, which helped medical teams to limit the spread of disease in society and mitigate its complications.

He explained that Shlonik is one of the living examples of cooperation of several bodies in the country to combat the pandemic and counter its spread with the help of Kuwaiti people and harnessing electronic solutions to serve public health, as the application was established in cooperation between the Ministry of Health, the Central Agency for Information Technology and Zain Telecommunications Company.

He stated that this application is an electronic platform that saves a lot of effort and time for the medical staff and allows to follow up people in quarantine or home isolation with precision and take the necessary measures, which contributed to providing care and remote follow-up for these people and ensuring their commitment to quarantine procedures.

He stated that the application provides several medical services that facilitate the quarantine period, including reporting of any symptoms and obtaining medical advice for any disease, even if they are not related to (COVID-19), in addition to obtaining exit permits for health care.

He pointed out that the Shlonik app has the highest levels of cybersecurity, which maintains the confidentiality of information, indicating that the total number of those who have downloaded the application on their phones is about 650,000, while the number of currently registered for health follow-up is about 40,000. - KUNA