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Shireen Abu Akleh’s assassination evidence of Zionist entity’s weakness: Kuwait’s Speaker

KUWAIT: The assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh is new evidence of the false allegations of the occupation as well as the weakness and disgrace of the Zionist entity, Kuwait’s National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem said. He added that the crime exposes the Zionist entity’s attempts to mask the truth “that it fears”, expressing condolences to Shireen’s family, colleagues and the Palestinian people.

Abu Akleh was killed while on duty in uncovering the horrific facts and acts of the brutal Zionist occupation, affirmed Ghanem, which refuted the Zionist entity’s accusations of so-called “terrorism” when it came to Palestinians right to fight back. The top Kuwaiti lawmaker encouraged Palestinian journalists and media personnel to continue their quest for truth and justice against the Zionist oppressors.

Kuwait strongly condemned the Zionist forces’ assassination of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and the injury of her colleague near the Jenin refugee camp. This crime, which the Zionist entity’s occupying authorities bear full responsibility for, is a blatant violation of international law, a flagrant attack on the freedom of the press, and new evidence of the heinous assaults committed by the occupiers against Palestinians, Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Kuwait urges the international community to launch an investigation that leads to holding accountable those responsible for this crime, and to take necessary measures to stop the occupying authorities’ assaults against the Palestinian people, the statement reads. “Kuwait expresses its deepest condolences to the martyr’s family and to the government and people of Palestine,” the foreign ministry concluded in the statement.

Meanwhile, the Kuwait Journalists Association sent condolences to the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate on the death of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. “I convey to you the condolences of the Kuwaiti journalism community on the death of the able colleague Shireen Abu Akleh,” reads a letter signed by members of Kuwait Journalists Association’s family to Head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate Dear Nasser Abu Baker.

“The bullets that shed the blood of this hero will not hide the truth. Rather, it proved the depth and strength of the Palestinian people’s unity in the West Bank and Gaza, and between Muslims and Christians of this steadfast people. May God bestow His mercy on her. Our condolences go to Palestinian journalism and media, the family of Shireen and all colleagues in Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.”

Palestinian Presidency condemns murder

The Palestinian Presidency strongly condemned the Zionist entity’s murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the city of Jenin. Killing Abu Akleh and injuring journalist Ali Al-Samoudi was just a result of Zionist entity’s policy in order to blur the ugly truth of committing more crimes, the presidency added. The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, “This crime is only an extension to ongoing murdering crimes against Palestinians generally, and especially against journalists in order to cover the truth.”

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi condemned the Zionist occupiers’ assassination of Palestinian journalist Abu Akleh, describing it as an awful crime and a clear violation of the freedom of the press. According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry, Safadi stressed the necessity of “launching a real, transparent and immediate investigation that leads to the accountability of the perpetrators of this crime and the crime of shooting Palestinian journalist Ali Al-Samudi in occupied Jenin as well.” The Jordanian Minister called his Palestinian counterpart Riyadh Al-Maliki and offered condolences for the assassination of Abu Akleh and reassured the health of journalist Ali Al-Samudi.

The Arab League strongly condemned the assassination of proficient late journalist Abu Akleh in Jenin camp. It accused the Zionist entity’s occupation government of this horrible act of crime, calling on international justice bodies to account for the criminals guilty. This is considered a war crime that seriously violated all acts of international law, the League affirmed. The Zionist entity works to suffocate the voice of freedom and truth and stands against the humanitarian justice cases with continuous aggression against the Palestinian people and the Jenin governorate.

“Palestine and the Journalism domain, and the Arab and Palestinian feminism movement lost after the killing of Abu Akleh, a struggling journalist and a great national media figure,” the Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League, Head of Palestine and Arab Territories sector, Ambassador Saeed Abu Ali said. Abu Ali offered his condolences over the death of late Abu Akleh to the Arab and Palestinian journalists and all the Palestinian people, wishing wellness and fast healing to the journalist Ali Al-Samoudi who was seriously injured by the Zionist forces, along with the shooting incident.

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