KUWAIT: Farwaniya police have arrested a thief steals sheep while grazing and then sells them to butchers in Hasawi area. A security source said Farwaniya detectives received several complaints about the theft and set up a team. Their investigations led to a suspect who targets grazing areas. The Egyptian suspect always stops his car on the side of the road - claiming it broke down after which he then steals what he can.

Kuwaitis arrested in Cairo

Cairo Airport customs officers arrested two Kuwaitis for having 32 kilograms of hashish upon their arrival from Casablanca, Morocco. The two suspects have been sent to Egypt's Public Prosecution and charged with trading illicit drugs. Both suspects have confessed to the charges.

AK-47, arms found

Weapons detectives arrested three person, a citizen and two bedoons during raids in Jahra and Saad Al-Abdallah areas. Police found AK-47, a pistol and ammunition. Detectives found out that the citizen is wanted to serve jail sentences. In another development, a citizen was taken to Jahra hospital with hand injuries after firing a bullet while hunting birds near Abdaly farms. Jahra security forces received a call about shooting in Abdaly farms, so police patrols went to the area and found a citizen injured while hunting pigeons. He was taken to Abdaly health center - then transferred to Jahra hospital for further treatment. - Al Rai