KUWAIT: An Egyptian woman told Farwaniya police that a citizen urged her to commit immoral acts, and filed a sexual harassment case against him. The woman explained that she works for a real estate company as a salesperson. One day she called a number that was given to her by her supervisors to make a sales pitch for a potential customer, but the man was instead more interested in starting a relationship with her and kept calling her back for several days later.

Eventually, the man offered to rent an apartment for her, buy her a brand new car and pay her a monthly payment if she would agree to live with him. Fed up with his antics, the woman gave the man an ultimatum to either start a serious relationship with her and ask her officially for marriage, or she would break up with him. The man refused, explaining that he was already married, and instead kept insisting that she accepts the offer he made earlier. The woman then went to the police station and lodged a case.