Seeking scapegoats

As far as I know, no international court would hear cases filed by individuals against sovereign states except the European Human Rights Court, which jurisdiction is limited to the countries who had signed the particular court’s treaty. If an expat, for example an Egyptian teacher, threatens to file a complaint with international human right organizations against Kuwait for violating expat teachers’ rights, as he claims, that is his business. It is also the right of anyone who believes that his rights in equality and human dignity have been violated in a certain country.

If he has financial claims and the state has violated the contract signed with him, he should file his case with Kuwaiti courts that have brought justice to similar cases filed by expats. But, why make a fuss about the issue and why do we hear so snobbish anti-expats talk from lawmakers and some media figures who describe them as ‘ungrateful’ to Kuwait? These portrayed expats, who form two thirds of the population, as mere invading groups that came to ‘devour’ everything then leave.

I hope these verbal hotshots inquire once they retire to their air-conditioned comfortable houses about the Egyptian, Iranian or Bangladeshi builders and Indian technicians who worked in extreme heat for their comfort. Let these ‘Kuwaiti heroes’ inquire about the nationalities of the people who built and maintained their villas and the nurses tending to them in hospitals and all those working silently without anybody listening to their grieves whenever their bread-winning is at stake, who are treated as if they are ‘parasites’, who fell from ‘sick’ skies onto the state of good and benevolence.

Aljarida’s editorial titled ‘Doing Wrong to Expats is Not Like Us’ was fair and honorable. Doing so, Aljarida seems to have started swimming against violent racial currents that have been dominating the country after its revenues started decreasing. Some newspapers have started bringing the topic up with the excuse that ‘it appeals to readers’.

They started joining the group of heroes to make gains through spreading a general situation of discontent instead of addressing the hearts and minds and humane citizens. Doing so, these news papers are only paving the way to establish a GCC fascism that had been seeded long ago ever since we started hiring expats to build our modern state. Now that we are financially shaken, those seeds of hatred against expats have started to grow into thorns.

Many expats had taken advantage of the absence of financial and administrative bodies’ effectiveness. Some expat advisors and others have unlawfully signed contracts with astronomical figures. Some of them were even hired to custom-tailor laws according to what their bosses, who are Kuwaitis, wish. Expats taking over small stores in government-owned markets and getting accused of using up the country’s good things only did so because Kuwaitis have rented the place and settled for collecting the rent, just like most of us are getting oil revenues, while relaxing.

We are only looking for expat scapegoats to blame them for all the depression, mismanagement and incompetence we are suffering from. Such Trump-like manner of twisting truth is so dangerous because in America they, at least, have institutes to monitor and prevent the abuse of presidential powers.- Al Jarida

By Hassan Al-Essa

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