Nasser Abu Sulaib

DUBAI: Security affairs news has now become an essential part of raising social awareness, combating crime and illegal substances, and prevention of accidents, Director of Security Media at the Interior Ministry Col Nasser Abu Sulaib said Wednesday. The remarks by Abu Sulaib came during the participation of his department in a workshop on the role of security media as part of the activities of the pavilion of the General Secretariat of the GCC at Dubai Expo 2020.

During the workshop, the Kuwaiti department presented two working papers, the first under the title "The experience of the General Administration of Relations and Security Media in the fight against drugs", presented by Abu Sulaib, and the second on "The role of the General Administration of Relations during the COVID-19 pandemic", presented by Assistant Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior Col Yousif Marshad.

Abu Sulaib highlighted the qualitative and technical shift witnessed by the Kuwaiti Security Media Department, which formed a prominent informative media window and a main source for obtaining correct and documented information. Abu Sulaib pointed out that the security media strategy in Kuwait is based on intensifying efforts to raise social awareness about illegal drugs through extensive and systematic media campaigns spread over all media and social media platforms. Marshad spoke about the success of the security establishment's experience in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, which was and still is appreciated and praised. - KUNA