KUWAIT: A matchmaker failed to realize the dream of a citizen to get married after she took KD 500 to find a match for him. The 29-year-old citizen agreed with a matchmaker to search for a woman for him according to certain criteria and signed a contract for that and paid KD 500, but three months elapsed without any result, and she kept telling him to wait until she finds a suitable match. When the citizen realized he will not get anything from her, he asked to meet her in a public place, where she paid him KD 150 and asked him to wait for the rest. When he insisted to get the full amount, she ignored him and left. The man went to Rawda police station and lodged a complaint.

Domestic violence

A citizen justified beating his Iranian wife by saying "she ridicules everything". The woman went to Adan Hospital and obtained a medical report showing the injuries she sustained, then went to Fitnas police station where she filed a complaint. She said this is not the first time he beat her, adding that she cannot bear his behavior any more. The citizen was summoned, and he did not deny her assertions, and said she is always ridiculing things and does not like anything. - Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai