KUWAIT: A Bangladeshi man repeatedly raped an eight-year-old Jordanian boy after he tricked him. A security source said the child's father went to Hawally police and told them what happened, and the child explained what the suspect did to him. The case was sent to the prosecution.

Resisting arrest

A citizen who owes KD 15,000 resisted arrest and attempted to escape. A special patrol stopped the man and asked him for his ID, but he claimed he left it at home. When he was asked to give a fingerprint, he handed over his ID, and was found wanted on a KD 15,000 debt. The man did not give up easily and attempted to make police sympathize with him, but they arrested him.


A female citizen accused a Lebanese man of swindling her out of KD 6,500 after telling her he will do repairs to her beauty salon, but he disappeared. Police are investigating. Separately, a citizen who owns a pharmacy lodged a complaint against a Jordanian pharmacist, accusing her of stealing KD 135.