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School official questioned over beating student

By Rami Tahboub

Ambassador of Palestine

I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Republic of South Africa for its courage in taking this significant step, which truly represented solidarity with Palestine and its people. I also extend my thanks and appreciation to the millions of people around the world who have not ceased to protest against this insane war on our people in the Gaza Strip and the entire occupied State of Palestine.

The decision made by the International Court of Justice is a historic one, lifting the immunity that the United States has granted to (the Zionist entity) over the past five decades. Accepting South Africa’s lawsuit against (the Zionist entity) for committing the crime of genocide sends a clear message that no state is above the law and that justice applies to all without exception. It also puts an end to (the Zionist entity) escaping punishment for its crimes against the Palestinian people, spanning decades of occupation, oppression and apartheid.

We call on the international community to exert immediate pressure on (the Zionist entity) to cease its aggression, halt the crime of genocide and forced displacement, implement UN Security Council Resolution 2720 immediately, provide humanitarian aid and facilitate the return of displaced individuals to their homes. Furthermore, countries supplying (the Zionist entity) with weapons should immediately cease such actions to avoid becoming party to the case before international justice. We reiterate once again that the struggle of our Palestinian people is for the collective humanity, and it must not fail.

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