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Saudi hero of Gulf War honored by Imam of Al-Bakheet mosque

On commemorating the anniversary of the Iraqi aggression on Kuwait, Imam Dr Mohammed Yousif Al-Shatti; the imam of Al-Bakheet mosque in Abdullah Al-Mubarak honored the Saudi courageous hero, Khalaf Zahi Al-Shalahi Al-Mutairi recently in a token of appreciation of his heroic deeds during the invasion.

Notably, Al-Mutairi had risked his life several times during the invasion by driving a vehicle through the desert to help and rescue Kuwaiti families. Al-Mutairi managed to drive 26 Kuwaitis out of Kuwait to save them. Al-Mutairi is the former Jazeera Bank manager, KSA, was one of the first volunteers in Jubail city during the invasion, was decorated several times, written several articles in economic magazines, nominated as municipal council member in Jubail and is the author of a book titled “The Poor and ATM Machines” in 2004.

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