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‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’: Episode 22

Kuwait Times is publishing a daily recap of two Kuwaiti soap operas aired on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 22nd episodes:

Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin
Kuwaiti soap operas in Ramadan: ‘Saq Al Bamboo’, Been Galbin

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Nooriya and Awatef fight over who stays at the hospital with Khawla, and finally Awatif stays. Noor calls her brother to come, but he said he won’t come as he doesn’t care about Khawla anymore. But he comes and Awatef talks to him and finds out that he still loves Khawla.

Eisa talks to his cousin Mirla in the Philippines over the Internet. She is still depressed as she hasn’t found work and talks about death and committing suicide. She leaves the conversation, telling Eisa she is now brave enough to face death. Meanwhile, Noor is knocking his door but he doesn’t open.

Ghanima sees Noor at Eisa’s door and calls her. She warns her to stay away from him or she will send her back to her house. But Noor begs her to let her stay, promising not to cause problems and tells Ghanima that Eisa is a good guy.

Eisa and Ghasan are wondering who told Ghanima about Luzviminda, so they go to visit her in the hospital. She tells them that it was Khawla who told Ghanima. Ghasan tells her that Hind will let her work in another house, and Eisa apologizes about everything that happened to her.

Noor apologizes to Khawla about what she told her about Jaber and said she followed the advice of Eisa. Khawla is angry that even Eisa now knows about it and she tells Noor that she is jealous and this is why she was talking to Jaber. They fight and Noor leaves. Ghanima then asks Khawla what was the real reason for her sickness, but she doesn’t believe Khawla’s stories.
Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
Bashar returns and visits Noora, who tells him that she can’t accept the idea of marrying Mihsen. So he goes to his aunt, who is trying to convince him that this marriage is for the benefit of Yasmin’s kids, so Noora says she will think about it. Dana’s father tells her that he noticed that Masoud is paying more attention to her, but she thinks it’s normal. She then notices that he is interested in her.

Noora agrees to marry Mihsen to take care of the kids. Dana’s aunt calls Dana to tell her that Noora will get married, so Dana calls Noora and she is surprised why she agreed. Bashar is annoyed by people’s comments on his marriage as they think that Aryam is spending money on him because she is rich. Aryam tells her colleague, who is working with Bashar, to give her news about what happens with him at work.

Masoud tells Dana that he loves her, but she tells him to get out of the car.

By Nawara Fattahova

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