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‘Saq Al Bamboo’ and ‘Been Galbin’: Episode 15

The Kuwait Times is publishing daily recaps of two of the Kuwaiti soap operas airing on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 15th episode:

Saq Al Bamboo
Saq Al Bamboo

‘Saq Al Bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Eisa, Noor’s brother comes to the chalet to be nearby Khawla. Jaber asks Noor if there is a relationship between Khawla and her brother Eisa, but she denies. Jaber calls Noor more often which makes her feel strange.

The Filipina maid Luzviminda who likes Eisa brings dinner to his room and asks if she can sit with him for a while but he refuses and says that he doesn’t want any more problems. Yet, she keep following him. Noor tells Khawla that her brother loves her and is better than Jaber who annoys her with his calls.

Noor shows Eisa his father’s boat that Ghanima kept in the same place since he went missing during the invasion. He then tells her about his grandfather in the Philippines who reminds him of Ghanima.

Khawla convinces Ghanima to allow Eisa massage her feet. Awatif comes to the chalet and she gives Eisa an English copy of the Holy Quran. He tells her that Hind told him to issue the Kuwaiti nationality, and she gets mad.

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
Dana arrives home crying and calls Noora to come. Noora leaves while her husband was asleep. She tells Dana not to worry as Aryam is lying about Bashar leaving Dana. When Noora arrives home, her angry husband who is awake asks her where she had been and why her mobile was switched off and starts beating her, then he kicks her out of the house. His daughter who came to live with him calls her Noora’s mother to tell her what happened, and is taken to the hospital by her mother. As a result of the beating she loses her baby.

Basher meets Aryam and tells her she looks different, so she tells him it’s the makeup that his wife put for her. She says that she told Dana about their relationship, so he is gets upset and leaves.

Basher decides to file a case against Zied for beating his sister. He goes to Zeid’s house and on not finding him there asks the maid to collect Noora’s belongings. The maid says that she also wants to leave along with Noora.

By Nawara Fattahova

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